House Demolition & Internal Wall Removal

Why would you want to demolish an internal wall in your home?

Removing an internal wall is a great way to open up your home and give it a roomier, more spacious feel. If you are sick and tired of the corners and tight spaces in your home, internal wall removal is for you. You will be able to enjoy a bigger living room, add more space to a bathroom or combine rooms to create a spacious master bedroom.

Protect yourself first

As with all things in life, safety should be your top priority when removing an internal wall and that is why you need the experts to complete the job for you. You should protect your eyes as well as ensure that if there is mold in your walls you have the necessary ventilation and have taken the proper precautions, putting your health above all. Your wall will more than likely produce a lot of dust that you’d perhaps prefer to avoid breathing in.

Is everything off?

Before you are able to get started, check to see if all electrical components are turned off. This may require you to head to the circuit breaker or disconnect the wiring. Once all power is off, you are one step closer to beginning your internal wall removal.

What kind of wall are you removing?

Prior to starting the project you’ll have to determine if your wall is load bearing or non-load bearing. Load bearing walls are typically more difficult and more risky to remove. Their purpose is mainly for stability and structure, and in order to not have things end problematically, it’s best to request the help of a professional if you are uncertain. Where non load bearing walls are concerned, your task will be easier.

Where will you be removing?

One mistake that many people make when removing a wall is getting too excited, picking up their sledge hammer and bashing through with no mercy. However, if you are looking to get the job done without any hiccups, then you need to have things planned appropriately. Determine how much of the wall you are planning on moving, whether it is the entire wall if you’re creating a walkway or just taking out a section. Measure things up to ensure that you can approach your project in a systematic way.

Ready to remove

When removing molding and door jams as well as trimmings from your internal wall you will want to take extreme caution and apply precision. A pry bar and a hammer will be the best tools for this job. With just enough pressure, pry away the molding, door jams and trimming with the pry bar and the necessary assistance from the hammer. You will then want to use a saw to cut through the edges of your wall. Once you have taken care of all the edges, you can start tearing down the drywall.

If you are in need of professional help to remove an internal wall, contact City Renovations and have their team of professionals get the job done cost efficiently and competently.