Second Story Additions

If you are in need of adding more space to your home, a second story addition may be a great option for you. Many people dread the thought, especially when considering having to remove their roof in order for the addition to take place. However, though addition may be one that comes with an immense amount of work, the payoff can be something that makes the process worthwhile in the end.

When adding a second story, you may be saving a considerable amount of money in comparison to extending horizontally. This is primarily due to the fact that you won’t have to add foundation costs to your budget. Though this is true, when building up, you will need to have a professional take a thorough look at your existing property to ensure that the weight you are considering to add will indeed be supported. Provided the structure of your home is not strong enough to support the addition you wish to apply, you can have a group of professionals reinforce the structure, and thus, a second story addition will be possible.

Depending on your design ideas for your intended second story, you may be able to save on roofing. One way in which this is possible is by having the existing roof carefully lifted and safely stowed while the second story is build. Upon completion, that roof can be incorporated to complete your home.

The perks

One of the main reasons that people extend vertically when they are in need of more space in their home, is due to the fact that they won’t have to use up precious gardening and backyard space. In the summer months, there’s nothing more comfortable than being able to lounge out on the porch and enjoy a nice drink in the simmering sun. When extending your home horizontally, you’ll be taking away a lot of your backyard space, and if you haven’t got a lot to begin with, then things may be a lot more crammed.

Another reason to add a second story to your home, rather than a horizontal extension is that you can pretty much double the square footage of your home.

When deciding on a company to carry out your second story addition it is important to check their credentials. This is a rather big project and so you only want professional and experienced contractors working on your home. You will also have to keep your budget in mind and have the company you are working with give you an accurate estimate so that you know just what to expect and if you can indeed afford to go through with the renovations or not.

However, one thing not to overlook is a company’s portfolio. Take a look at the work that the company you are considering has previously done. You want a company whose work looks clean, and professional but also one that is up to date when it comes to design.

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